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Thomaholics Anonymous

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guess who [Nov. 12th, 2009|10:32 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous

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Thom to perform live at the Age of Stupid NYC premiere [Sep. 16th, 2009|08:28 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous

I'm sure you guys saw Thom's posting on the Age of Stupid on deadairspace.

See a scene from Age of Stupid, win tickets to the premiere and more!Collapse )
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So, I want to find animated icons... [Sep. 10th, 2009|02:08 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous
Yeah, sorry if this is kinda a desperate attempt at requesting something, but....

Are there any Thom-related, animated icons that are 100x100 and are free to use on LJ? I think it would be pretty cool to have some.

That is all.
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!!! [Sep. 1st, 2009|03:30 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous
So I get back from Prague (!) to find this:


More Radiohead Surprises: Thom Yorke to Unload Secret 12-Inch in September
8/28/2009 By Brock Thiessen

As Radiohead fans know, the band aren’t so keen on putting out full-length albums right now. In the last month alone, we’ve seen the release of one-off tracks “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” and “These Are My Twisted Words,” as well as got word that Thom Yorke will be releasing a seven-inch of his Mark Mulcahy cover “All for the Best.” Well, apparently this piecemeal output is going to continue next month when Yorke releases a super-limited 12-inch featuring two new solo joints.

Made up of the previously unreleased tracks “Apart By Horses” and “The Hollow Earth,” the secretive release is coming out as a vinyl-only deal on September 22 through ATO sublabel TBD Records, who also handled the CD release of Radiohead’s In Rainbows. The details at this point are scarce, but our sources at Sonic Unyon, who are distributing the Yorke release in Canada, say the 12-inch is limited to about 4,000 copies in North America, with Canada only getting a meager 300. Europe is expected to get another 4,000.

Our sources also quote the Radiohead camp as saying the 12-inch has “really awesome packaging and artwork.” Other than that, though, little more information is offered about what we can expect art wise. In fact, little more info has been made at all at this point about “Apart By Horses”/“The Hollow Earth,” and neither Yorke nor Radiohead have breathed a word about this release so far.

Obviously, this leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. Is this Yorke’s rumoured contribution to New Moon? The track title “The Hollow Earth” sure sounds very vampire-themed, plus, with the Twilight sequel’s soundtrack coming out on October 20, the timing is sure right. Or perhaps these new songs part of some lager, yet-unheard-of Yorke solo album.

Regardless, it very much looks as if Radiohead are once again proving they are masters of surprise.

DO WANT. Even if it is the Twilight song. 'Apart by Horses' sounds like it would be the old-school Reckoner!
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Hi again! [Aug. 3rd, 2009|03:44 am]
Thomaholics Anonymous

I have not contributed to thom_yorkers in a long while. But I was looking the other day and anamour requested pics of Thom wearing sunglasses, so I decided to make some icons of that, and I think I went a little too color crazy. Comments appreciated, credit a must. You can credit either randomquote or withmyxrayeyes. Hope you enjoy!


Find the rest here and my other Radiohead icons here.
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2009|06:53 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous

Last batch of band necklaces on sale!

Modest Mouse and Sonic Youth necklaces are available also.

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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2009|12:09 pm]
Thomaholics Anonymous
I was procrastinating from doing real work yesterday by drawing this...

The Evolution of YorkeCollapse )

JogginginRio!Thom got added by request. I can now add "drawn Thom Yorke's nipples" to my list of artistic achievements.
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